Mer J., South Dakota

Real Life Advice

I gained a wealth of information and considerable confidence that I, too, could hike the AT. The speakers made it sound so doable. I was especially encouraged hearing that you don’t have to be in perfect shape or circumstances to hike. This course is great for any woman who expresses even the slightest interest in hiking. It is a well-directed, information-rich seminar based on real-life experience, delivered in a fun, organized, and captivating forum, shared by women who have already experienced the ups and downs (love the pun!) of trail life and are eager to share what they have learned along the way to encourage and help other women who want to hike the AT.

                                             Renee S. , Ohio

Peace of Mind for Family Members

Being able to share with my family the collective wisdom of the faculty on various issues, and knowing I was part of this group, and that other women have similarly done this and had a great and safe time, helped alleviate their anxiety. It’s one thing to say I read it in a book or read about it someone’s journal, but going that extra step and talking with other successful thru hikers is truly “value-added” that is priceless. I definitely recommend W&WB to other women hikers, those both actively planning a thru hike and those contemplating/dreaming – the community is fantastic and the knowledge imparted top notch. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

                                   Debbie W., Florida

Trail Support Team

So many questions I had about the trail and what lay ahead were answered. I feel much more confident about handling whatever comes up in my journey. The “campfires” were wonderful and informative. I would say that any woman planning to hike the AT or another long trail, either as a thru hike or section hike, would benefit. There is a sense of friendship when you actually meet a WWBer! It is not a replacement for doing your research but WWB is another component in helping you be prepared for your hike. I also like knowing that I now have a “support team” while I am on the trail. I love the confidence I feel out on the trail now.

         Lisa W., Georgia

Multiple Perspectives

I gained lots of little tips that will make a BIG difference in my hiking experience from gear to mental health. I loved the videos – they made the experience seem really hands on. Having faculty and guest speakers was VERY good. We could get several perspectives on how to survive versus just Carla’s. WWB is a safe environment — no question is too stupid! It’s not intimidating, it’s women only and you don’t have to be a “Springer to Katahdin all at one time” gal to benefit from it. The collective cheerleading and positive attitudes make this a “can do” endeavor.

More Praise for Wild and White Blazing

"Joining Wild and White Blazing looked like a great way for me to learn a lot about what I saw as a very complicated topic. I gained the confidence that I can do this, plus tons of practical information and tips.  I would absolutely recommend this to anyone thinking about doing the AT!" — Francoise L. , New York

"I liked your videos & lists of places close to the trail.  They were invaluable.  It just eliminates so much guess work about the re-supply aspect of the hike. I would recommend Wild and White Blazing especially for women who are going solo.  It’s very good to realize that this is do-able on your own.  Although you're starting alone there is a support team behind you, even if they're not all physically on the trail." — Evelyne R., Switzerland

"As a member of Wild and White Blazing, you’ll develop relationships with women you don’t even know to the extent that they will open up their home for you, support you with words of inspiration, or simply be a shoulder to vent on. I’ve really enjoyed my time with this group and I’m so excited to keep being a part of WWB!" — Kristin I., Connecticut

"Wow, Carla! I have already listened to two of the previously recorded sessions and am so glad I signed up to participate. I am a newbie to the world of backpacking. At 61, I took my first BP trip and it was "love at first blister"! I am determined to hike the AT, one way or another. Looking forward to gleaning every word of advice you and your gal pals have to offer!" — Julie H. South Carolina