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When you buy the course, you get immediate access to all of the course materials. Whether you're a year out in your planning, or you're hitting the trail next week, you choose which information is most important to you.

  1. Virtual Campfire sessions with me and fabulous “celebrity guest” faculty thru hikers!  We covered so many different topics, from fear to gear to food to town stops, weather, safety, relationships, and so much more! They’re ready for you to download now! Our “virtual campfires” include thru hikers in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. They include newlyweds, single women, women in relationships, and everything in between. They include Northbounders, Southbounders and flip-floppers. They include women from all over the country and from all walks of life. These women won’t tell war stories or scare you; they’ll support you as you embark on a life-changing journey. To thru hike the AT!
  2. Access to live coaching calls where you can get the support you need and interact in real time with women who’ve successfully thru hiked!
  3. A private online group where you can get your questions answered by expert women thru hikers and share and plan with other wild and white blazing women planning a hike. No more wasting time wading through forums full of nonsense!  You'll meet women hikers in the virtual campfires and the forum like:
    • Ninja Hoops: Flip Flop hiked in 2016 and videoed much of her journey.
    • Towanda: Thru hiked in 2015 and has inspired and inspiring tales to tell.
    • Thistle: Thru hiked in 2015 and shared her story live from the trail. 
    • Google: Has extensive knowledge of every nook and cranny on the trail in Georgia, as Hiawassee is her home.  If your timing is right, she may be able to pick you up for a home cooked meal!
    • Pathfinder: Thru hiked northbound in 2013. Hear about her experiences during a very challenging season, weather wise. 
    • Lost n’ Found:  Successfully completed a 2013 flip-flop hike that included an extended internship at a farm/hostel.  Flip flopping is a great strategy for hiking the entire trail in different sections.
    • Hollywood: She shares her amazing tale that includes an especially beautiful and unexpected love story with a very happy ending!
  4. Documents, videos, and other resources on everything from food to gear to money to best shelters and views on the trail!

Your membership is permanent – once you’re in, you’re in for life, so even if you’re still just dreaming about a thru hike, you can begin learning now! Your investment to join is $79, an amazing value for invaluable trail information! Our group is very open, inclusive, supportive and wonderful, and we add more resources and calls every year. You will have a safe base camp with Wild and White Blazing to have any question answered. Women hikers looking to thru (or just hike) the Appalachian Trail, your story begins now!

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Is this Course Right For You?

This course is designed for women who...

  • are planning a thru hike and would like some mentoring
  • would like to learn more about gear and hiking techniques specific to women
  • want to join a community of other women getting ready to hike
  • want to hear wisdom from a diverse group of women thru hikers
  • want a safe space, not a snarky forum, to ask questions, even the silly ones, and get reasonable answers.
  • want to learn how to feel safe and capable in the woods on their own.
  • want to learn the best-kept secrets of thru hikers
  • want to know more about food, mail drops, animals, relationships on and off the trail, and any and everything else that’s confusing or overwhelming
  • want to learn what thru hikers wish they’d done differently
  • want to know what to do to stay healthy, motivated and happy on the trail.

connect with Trail Veterans

Here are some of the women you'll find at the Virtual Campfire sessions and in the forum:

Nutmeg and Lil Dipper – of the “Georgia Girls” took “hike your own hike” to a whole new level, covering miles the old-fashioned way on foot and also incorporating bicycling, canoeing and taking plenty of blue blazes as they hiked the trail.

Joker hiked with a “band of merry men” for much of her hike. She’s a gear expert, a lover of all things beautiful, and an incredible writer. She graces the cover of the spring 2010 issue of AT Journeys and she has much wisdom to share!

Mud Butt – president and founder of Trail Dames, Mud Butt has covered miles and miles of the AT. She has a ton of stories including tips on how to deal with injuries plus she’s a fabulous, funny, compassionate, lovely human being!

Chunky and Tutu were intrepid southbounders, experiencing the extreme weather of Maine in June and the Smokies in November. They have plenty of tips and anecdotes for those considering a southbound hike.

Crescent City raised thousands of dollars on her thru-hike for a nonprofit charity she created, Hike for Katreena, to replant trees lost during Hurricane Katrina. She has an amazing story to tell!

Gangsta and Wags' trail journals are famous with thousands and thousands of hits. Gangsta and Wags met in Georgia and stuck together the whole rest of the journey. Gangsta was a newlywed when she hiked the trail and both have fantastic stories to share!

Gray Jay has logged thousands of miles on the AT and many other trails and has so much insight to share about enjoying the trail and having success at any age, including over 50! She’s very active with the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers’ Association and super-knowledgable about the trail!

Storm and Rocket, members of the “Pack-a-Divas” – they created quite a stir on their northbound thru hike and wherever they were, fun was sure to follow! And Storm has recently cycled across the country too!

Regina Ridge Runner is A PCT and AT thru hiker and a Ridge Runner in Virginia. She’ll share a wealth of information with you. Regina is also developer of a beautiful program called Forgiveness Walks. She’s a great resource and a role model for women hikers over 50, and any other age too!


Are you ready to join a lovely community of women, small enough where people will really get to know you and large enough for you to get plenty of insight and support?

Have a question? Want to make sure I’m a real person and this is a real thing? Email me at carla@livingwildandprecious.com – I’m always happy to help a woman planning a thru hike!

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